ZEF Ethical Financing Cooperative

ZEF – Cooperative for Ethical Financing is a non-profit organization and the largest Croatian cooperative with over 1400 members - organizations and individuals working together to make a better society by sharing knowledge and resources. We are working together to develop a democratic, transparent, just and socially and environmentally responsible economy. The combined annual income of sales of our good and services exceeds 250 million euros, and the innovative business solutions of our members are often internationally recognized.

Foto: MOBA
Vortrag/Diskussion Fr, 6 OKT 2023
Foto: MOBA
Bikes and Rails
Emilie-Flöge-Weg 4/1, 1100 Wien
Straßenbahn D Alfred Adler Straße (5 min walk), U1 Hauptbahnhof oder Keplerplatz (12 min walk)

Let's Talk About Money

MOBA Housing Network CSE and habiTAT Mietshäuser Syndikat in Austria are hosting a round table discussion involving emerging cooperative housing initiatives as well as financial experts and representatives of financial institutions around issues of unlocking affordable finances. Already established and prospective co-housing initiatives will present and discuss strategic approaches, share tactics, resources and lessons learned.

Entrance through the garden on the back of Bikes and Rails