Foto: MOBA
Fr, 6 OKT 2023

Bikes and Rails
Emilie-Flöge-Weg 4/1, 1100 Wien
Straßenbahn D Alfred Adler Straße (5 min walk), U1 Hauptbahnhof oder Keplerplatz (12 min walk)

Let's Talk About Money

The Forefronts of the New Cooperative Housing Initiatives in Europe

Reporting from the Forefronts of the New Cooperative Housing Initiatives across Europe, the event presents new approaches on establishing affordable housing in the Central South East European (CSEE) Region. The panel will bring together representatives of the MOBA Housing SCEE from Belgrade, Budapest and Zagreb and from the habiTAT Mietshäuser Syndikat in Vienna together with financial experts from ZEF Ethical Banking Cooperative and Erste Bank Social Banking. By visiting the local Mietshäuser Syndicate initiative Bikes and Rails, the session showcases and compares existing financial strategies of emerging housing initiatives and illuminates specific financing approaches for affordable housing. The event will discuss needs, learnings, strategies and tools around financing approaches and possible collaborations for fostering housing alternatives across Europe.

With MOBA Housing SCE (Csaba Jelinek, ACRED, HUN; Ivon Pavlović and Goran Jeras, ZEF, CRO) habiTAT Mietshäuser Syndikat (Florian Humer, Willy*Fred, SchloR, AUT) ERSTE Group Social Banking (Florian Ott, AUT)

Intro and moderation: Predrag Milic (Angewandte, Social Design, AUT)

Entrance through the garden on the back of Bikes and Rails