MOBA Housing SCE (European Cooperative Society)

MOBA Housing SCE is a regional network gathering housing initiatives from Czechia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia. As housing across the SCEE region is in crisis, MOBA Housing SCE breaks ground with a novel cooperative approach in Central and South-Eastern Europe. Across the region, new co-operative housing developments are being explored by pioneering groups, that respond to this housing emergency – unaffordability, speculation, negligible amount of social housing – and take the lead in reinventing affordability of housing from the bottom up.

Foto: MOBA
Vortrag/Diskussion Fr, 6 OKT 2023
Foto: MOBA
Bikes and Rails
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Let's Talk About Money

MOBA Housing Network CSE and habiTAT Mietshäuser Syndikat in Austria are hosting a round table discussion involving emerging cooperative housing initiatives as well as financial experts and representatives of financial institutions around issues of unlocking affordable finances. Already established and prospective co-housing initiatives will present and discuss strategic approaches, share tactics, resources and lessons learned.

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