Silvia Lucia Cohn

Silvia Cohn is a graduate of the Eco-Social Design Master of Unibz and is now living in Napoli where she is an activist of L’asilo. What drew her both to design and the commons movement is her interest in taking action in the space between community and institutions in a way that mediates their relationship and informs policy from the bottom up. She aims to design projects that utilize public funds while driving alternatives to status quo economic models and policy frameworks in order to shift priorities toward eco-social transformation.

Foto: Magacin Belgrade
Vortrag/Diskussion Fr, 6 OKT 2023
Foto: Magacin Belgrade
Festivalzentrale für Alle
Augasse 2-6, 1090 Wien
Straßenbahn D Liechtenwerder Platze (1 Gehminute), U4/U6 Spittelau (9 Gehminuten), Straßenbahn 5/33 Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof (7 Gehminuten)

How to ... Urban Commons! | Gemeingut! Aber wie?

Urban commons need a framework in which they can thrive and function: How can urban commons be created, what insights from theory and practice already exist? urbanize! invites to an international good practice evening with models for financing, legal protection, collaboration between civil society and the city, organising and communication of commons. Livestream with live chat

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