Magacin Cultural Centre / Belgrade

Magacin is a self-organised and self-managed space in Belgrade, Serbia, initiated by artistic and cultural collectives and non-profit organisations. The main characteristic of this space is its function through the »Open calendar model«, which means it is openly available to everyone. The model accommodates the use of spaces for different activities to many organisations, collectives and individuals, from the fields of art, culture and social activism. The decision-making process is highly participatory and horizontal and it takes place at monthly assemblies and through both offline and online communication. A crucial component of Magacin is cultural exchange, social cohesion and community organising – prioritising building an ecosystem that upholds democratic principles, fair use of commons resources, solidarity, social and cultural diversity.

Foto: Magacin Belgrade
Vortrag/Diskussion Fr, 6 OKT 2023
Foto: Magacin Belgrade
Festivalzentrale für Alle
Augasse 2-6, 1090 Wien
Straßenbahn D Liechtenwerder Platze (1 Gehminute), U4/U6 Spittelau (9 Gehminuten), Straßenbahn 5/33 Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof (7 Gehminuten)

How to ... Urban Commons! | Gemeingut! Aber wie?

Urban commons need a framework in which they can thrive and function: How can urban commons be created, what insights from theory and practice already exist? urbanize! invites to an international good practice evening with models for financing, legal protection, collaboration between civil society and the city, organising and communication of commons. Livestream with live chat

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