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Fr, 7 OKT 2022
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Breitenseer Lichtspiele
Breitenseer Straße 21, 1140 Wien
U3 Hütteldorfer Straße (4 Gehminuten)

Reclaim the Streets!

On taking back public space. In englischer Sprache.

The climate-friendly »15 minute city« modell is starting to reclaim public space in cities worldwide: Streets and squares are becoming green recreation zones for the neighbourhood; public transport, walking and cycling are given priority. But the farewell to the car-oriented city creates conflicts and requires strategy as well as political courage.

In Paris, the socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo wins elections with the promise to cut 60,000 parking spaces and to make France's capital a climate oasis. In Berlin and many other German cities, the civil society network »Changing Cities« is pushing for a climate- and bike-friendly urban transformation; Milan's »Piazze Aperte« programme has been transforming 38 streets and intersections into recreational zones for the neighbourhood in only three years time and, like Valencia and it's »ciudad the plazas«, is using tactical urbanism for rapid change; in Vienna the »Supergrätzel Favoriten« resembles the first test site for the implementation of the superblock concept. What do strategies for a successfull climate-friendly urban transformation look like? How important is the role of participation? What experiences and learnings do already exist internationally?
Lectures and discussions will be streamed.

Join us for an evening full of good practice with:

15 min City, Paris: Mobility and public space
Yann-Fanch Vauléon, APUR, Paris

Superblock: Creating new public space in Barcelona and Valencia
Jokin Santiago Elorriaga and Marta Sola Páramo, Leku Studio, Barcelona

The Piazze Aperte Programme, Milan
Demetrio Scopelliti, AMAT Milan

Developing streets as a community asset
Florian Lorenz, studio LAUT, Vienna

Changing Berlin, Changing Cities
Ragnhild Sørensen, Changing Cities e.V., Berlin

Moderation: Joshua Grigsby