Joshua Grigsby

Joshua Grigsby is an urban studies lecturer at the University of Vienna, assistant program coordinator for the 4CITIES Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Urban Studies, and member of the civic activist group Smarter Than Car. His doctoral research analyzes policy narratives of sustainable futures through the lens of sustainability science, while his work with Smarter Than Car focuses on future urban mobility transitions and the reimagining of urban development.

Foto: Commune de Milano
Vortrag/Diskussion Fr, 7 OKT 2022
Foto: Commune de Milano
Breitenseer Lichtspiele
Breitenseer Straße 21, 1140 Wien
U3 Hütteldorfer Straße (4 Gehminuten)

Reclaim the Streets!

The climate-friendly »15 minute city« modell is starting to reclaim public space in cities worldwide: Streets and squares are becoming green recreation zones for the neighbourhood; public transport, walking and cycling are given priority. But the farewell to the car-oriented city creates conflicts and requires strategy as well as political courage. How can a socially and environmentally sound urban transformation be achieved? What strategies can cities use to reclaim space for their citizens? Join us for an evening full of good practice from Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Paris, Valencia and Vienna. The event will streamed. Join us on:

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