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Sa, 8 OKT 2022
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Mensa Alte WU
Althangrund, Augasse 2-6, 1090 Wien
Straßenbahn D Liechtenwerder Platz (3 Gehminuten), U4, U6 Spittelau (8 Gehminuten)

Budget Participatif Paris

Shaping the eco-social city collaboratively

The "Budget Participatif Paris", endowed with 500 million euros, has produced a multitude of small and large-scale projects of ecological, social and cultural urban renewal in the years 2014-2020. Based on the number of inhabitants in Vienna, this would amount to around 420 million euros, or around 70 million euros per year, which would be available in Austria's capital for participatory projects in a democratic process.

Budget Participatif projects can be submitted and voted on by everybody living or working in Paris, regardless of age or nationality. Socially vulnerable districts are given priority through a distribution key and receive increased attention and support in the submission, application and voting process. More than 50 percent of all project proposals concern improvements for the direct living environment (25 %), environmental issues (15 %), and transport and mobility (14 %). The projects are thus in line with the Paris city government's ambitious policy goals for eco-social urban transformation, especially in the development of sustainable mobility through the redesign of squares and streets, as well as greening measures.

What experiences have been made in the 8 years of participatory budgeting in Paris? What are participatory budgets good for? What do they contribute to democratic culture? What do they imply for urban regeneration? Are participatory budgets a driving factor for the necessary urban change? The workshop with Yann-Fanch Vauléon, Apur Paris, explains the functioning of the Budget Participatif Paris and discusses lessons learned in the design and handling of citizens' budgets.

The workshop is part of the urbanize! focus day »Around the Corner: Polycentric Urban Structures for the Ecosocial Transformation«. All lectures and workshops are free of charge. Registration for the individual workshops takes place on site.

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